MidFest will be 10-11 October 2020 on the scenic Illinois River north of Tahlequah, OK

MidFest Location & Camp Details

This non-event is after-season at a private campground, Eagle Bluff Resort, in the Late-Night Camping area. MidFest campers are likely to be the only ones there and can stay as many days as desired. A family camping area with full RV hookups is nearby for those wanting a quieter place after 10:30pm. The resort address is 9800 Highway 10, Tahlequah OK 74464.

Photos of Late-Night Campground

Nightly camping fee of $7 per person per night paid direct to site owner includes: electricity, water, restrooms and showers. Children age 12 and under are $5 per night in the nearby family camping area. Add $17 for RV full hookup per night in the family camping area. RV's needing only electricity can park in the late-night area for the regular camping fee. Gavin's Cabin which sleeps up to twelve in three bedrooms will be available for $190/night across the 2-lane highway. Before unloading at your campsite, pay for it at the resort office, in case it's already reserved.

Advance reservations with the first night pre-paid will help the camp owners to be better prepared. When selecting a site, note the location of the restrooms and the pavilion in the late-night area where there may be music and speakers. All sites in the late-night area are 50-feet wide and have shade, with the exception of only a few adjacent to the river. Multiple tents can use the same camping space. If you pay for the first night in advance, note the no refund cancellation policy.

Bring everything you'll need during your stay with overnight temperatures possibly dipping to near freezing. Tahlequah is 17-minutes away, if you need anything.

Canoe and float trips may be reserved in advance, although the water will be cold.

Volleyball nets are provided, but no ball.

The resort grill will be closed due to being after-season.

The resort owners do have a few campground rules to avoid harm to property and people. So long as no harm is happening to anyone or anything, there should be no site owner involvement in camper activities after checking in at the resort office. MidFest will primarily be in the Late-Night camping area with quiet hours beginning at 1:30am, which won't be an issue in the likely case that nobody else is there. The owners ask that no outside firewood be brought in to avoid new pest problems which have devastated other areas. Only fallen dead wood may be gathered in the adjacent woods. Firewood can be bought at the camp store for $5/bundle. Due to the owner's safety concerns: no four wheelers, fireworks and weapons are allowed. Address the latter request as you normally would. The owners ask that pets must be non-aggressive, kept on a leash and picked up after. Additional state and federal laws regarding ice chests, drinking containers and intoxicating substances apply while floating on the river which the float organizer has to enforce. Details of campground rules are HERE.

Oklahoma laws:
Oklahoma has passed constitutional carry.
Only drivers are required to carry an ID. Oklahoma is not a “stop and identify” state. In other words, non-drivers are not required to reveal their identity to anyone– including a police officer– merely to satisfy their curiosity. If you are suspected of committing a crime, the police may lawfully require non-drivers to reveal their identity. How do you know if you are suspected of committing a crime? Ask the police officer "am I free to go". If so, then you can also maintain your privacy. The only other thing you should say to a police officer without a lawyer is to ask, "am I being detained".
There is no law against recording police interactions and all present should obviously do so to help prevent aggression.

If you have any better suggestions for the next MidFest location, please bring information to be discussed by those gathered. If this goes well, we might do it again next October, after the last frost and before it gets warm. This could become a twice yearly event.