MidFest will be 17-18 April 2021 at Copperhead Rally Grounds in Spavinaw, OK

MidFest IPFS Mirror Site

MidFest.info is now on IPFS, Inter-Planetary File System, decentralized web at

Do this today, to assure access to MidFest.info tomorrow, even when tyrants try to block it at the Domain Name Server system level  (Android instructions below):

  1. Install IPFS Desktop on your PC and let it run in the background to support the IPFS decentralized network and make it stronger. Not yet available for mobile devices.

  2. Install the IPFS Companion for your browser.

  3. Browse to this address:

  4. You may need to reduce security settings to see all the images at the new IPFS address. This site has no tracking, cookies or active script.

  5. Bookmark the page as MidFest.info

  6. Please visit all of the pages in the menu bar to seed them across the network and make them more unstoppable.

  7. Share this page with your friends to help them assure access to MidFest even when tyrants try to block it.

Android IPFS-Lite Instructions
This mobile app connects directly with the node network for much more assured access

  1. Install IPFS Lite from F-Droid or ApkPure .

  2. Verify  connection to the IPFS distributed network on the Peers page (select people icon at screen's bottom). Select the menu in the upper right corner (3 stacked dots) and then Swarm to display a list of network peers your directly connected with.

  3. Select the browser button and paste the following into the address field at the top of the screen:
    Then select enter (new paragraph) on the keyboard to visit the IPFS mirror of MidFest.info

    Note: IPNS and IPFS addresses are different and should be entered as follows:

    If the address has IPNS/ before it, then it should be edited to have ipns:// at the beginning. This type of address remains the same, even if the content changes. This is used for things like websites and file directories.

    If there is no IPNS in the address, it should begin with ipns:// before the rest of the address. The file at this location is permanent and is used for media documents and other things which are permanent.

  4. Bookmark the page as MidFest.info by selecting the star right of the address.

  5. Please visit all of the pages in the menu bar to seed them across the network.

  6. Share this page with your friends to help them assure access to MidFest.info