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Dispute Resolution Process
For Voluntaryist Gatherings

10 September 2022
rtf version of this document

We don't need the state for anything. Put it out of your mind for the rest of this document. The following needs to be executed before the police have the opportunity to make any situation far worse.

A gathering's website may suggest voluntary usage of this dispute resolution process. People can bring copies to post, distribute and discuss, for any who missed the website notice. Being informed of this before it's needed will help avoid state involvement and allow a better outcome for all.

After the gathering has begun, a panel of 3, 5 or 7 arbiters and a substitute may be selected by people familiar with such matters. The panel should understand the non-aggression principle, preferably with some adjudication skill. A calm character and reputation for fairness are also very important. As more people arrive, the arbitration panel may have additions or replacements. Too many in the panel causes dysfunctionality. This step helps to save time, if needed.

All witnesses, as soon as an incident happens, get photos, video and samples of evidence immediately. This is ONLY to be given to the dispute resolution panel at this time.

It's extremely important that evidence only be shared privately on a need to know basis. This is to avoid possible wrongful reputation damage which could result in a claim by the falsely accused.

If still aggressing, surround the perpetrator with as many people as possible. This is likely to deter them. If necessary, physically stop them without another aggression (proportionally violent defense of self and others from harm is not aggression).

People aware of the incident should keep track of the aggressor, so they can't disappear. Only use self defense when needed, without initiating aggression. Note: restraint of someone later found innocent would be aggression.

Immediately notify the arbitration panel, if previously selected. If none, initiate the selection clause under PREPARATION above. Any with a personal bias in the case should be replaced.

The accused and victim are asked to choose their own arbiters to represent them on the panel. If they already have a functional arbitration agreement between them, that should take priority over this panel. If both arbiters can agree on a single third party arbiter, that 3-party panel should take priority over any selected by others.

The accused and victim should also be encouraged to try and reach a direct agreement with a mediator. Any agreement acceptable to both parties will end the more involved arbitration process.

Evidence is presented to and discussed by the arbiters in a private forum. During deliberations, a way to introduce new information should be provided.

The arbiters will determine responsibility before any discussion of compensation.

If necessary at this point (not before), the panel may ask for the person found responsible to be restrained without physical harm.

Proportional compensation from the perpetrator is determined by the panel.

Any compensation or actions from the perpetrator are completed by them. If necessary, individuals willing and able to do so may assist, using a minimum force.

The result of the arbitration should usually remain confidential. If appropriate, the panel may publish the outcome to the liberty festival community. This can effectively result in banishment for more severe aggressions.

This is provided as a guide for voluntaryist gatherings. The arbitors may modify the process as they agree amongst themselves.